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Francesca Villa

After years designing for some of the most prestigious jewellery houses, Francesca Villa launched her eponymous fine jewellery line in 2007.

Francesca’s designs are both set with and inspired by Objets Trouvés; vintage and antique treasures given a new life in each piece of masterfully crafted Francesca Villa jewellery.

All of Francesca’s designs are brought to life in her own atelier in Valenza, Italy. Every artisan, from goldsmiths to stone setters, enamel artists to stone carvers, boasts over two decades of experience. Their mastery of their craft not only to ensure pieces of exceptional quality, but also to bring their own technical innovations into the creation of each piece.

Brooke Gregson

Brooke Gregson, a designer with bases in both London and Los Angeles, initially started as a textile designer. 

Her Jewellery stands out for its sophisticated colour palettes.

These colour combinations inspired by her back ground in textile and her water colour paintings, are featured in collections crafted by master craftmen.

Traditional techniques like hand carving and enamelling are loved all over the world.


Christina Magdolna


Designer Christina Magdolna Washington spent her childhood in Los Angeles and Budapest, Hungary, before studying French Linguistics in Paris and Brussels. After gaining experience as a goldsmith under a jewellery designer, She launched her own brand in 2017.

Handcrafted Jewellery produced in Los Angeles draws inspiration from cultural sculptures and paintings. The Jewellery created by combining a variety of natural stones with vibrant colour patterns, is characterised by romantic and delicate lines, as well as organic and modern designs.

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